Registration Process for SP International Section


Dear Prospective Parents,

Outlined below is the registration process to be followed for joining Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten – International Section. Enrollments will only be accepted following this process. Thank you for your interest in our school.

Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten


  1. Call the school office to make an appointment to visit the school. Drop in visitors will not be accepted, appointments are necessary at all times. If you are visiting more than three months prior to the expected joining date, you will only meet the office administrator at this time. The Head Teacher will meet with parents only within three months of the expected joining date.
  2. Collect the school information packet at the time of first visit.
  3. Once parents have decided they would like to enrol their child at SP, call the school office to make an appointment to meet with the Head Teacher (if previous visit was before three months of the expected joining date).
  4. After meeting with the Head Teacher the parents may request for the registration form. After the registration form has been completed and submitted to school, and the child’s enrolment has been accepted, parents are required to pay a 10,000 baht deposit to secure their child’s seat. For immediate enrolments registration and tuition fees must be paid at this time.
  5. Parents must meet the class room teacher before the child attends their first day of school, preferably 1-2 weeks before.
  6. On the first day of school, parents must bring their child to school and pick them up personally. This applies to bus riders as well as regular pick up and drop off students.


SP only accepts enrollments for students a maximum of three months prior to the expected enrolment date. Parents who want to book at seat further in advance than this must wait and contact the school directly at the three month stage. In cases where the class numbers reach near capacity, those parents who have reserved a seat in advance must take their seat immediately, or risk losing their seat, thus placing them on a waiting list for the next available seat. In these cases the child will not be able to start on the desired start date. The school will contact these parents directly to inform them of the situation.

In instances where parents wish to reserve a seat for their child more than three months in advance, the parents must continually check our website for the current class numbers. Once the class reaches near capacity, the parents should contact the school for immediate enrollment. The website will be updated each Friday. These parents will not be contacted by the school directly.



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