About Us

Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten (SP) aims at developing children holistically through an appropriate creative learning program surrounded by an exciting, fun, and nurturing environment.  SP makes use of a American curricular which is designed to creatively lay a solid foundation for a child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. We have been very successful with our curriculum and teaching staff.

SP’s campus is comprised of  three sections. International section, Japanese section, and Thai section. All Sections run on different Term schedules and celebrate various holidays on their own schedules. We do however participate in some educational events together.

Currently SP educates over 70 students in international section alone, and we are still exponentially growing! We house over 250  students between our International section, Japanese section, and Thai section. SP currently staffs 23 foreign teachers( Japanese and Western) and 26 full time Thai employees. In the International section, we currently have 6 English native speaking teachers, and an Administrative Support Teacher on staff.

SP was licensed by the Ministry of Education in 1997, is a member of the International Schools Association in Thailand (ISAT), and is certified by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assurance ONESQA (June 2012).


Creative Thinking
Seeh Phinong International Section implements the Creative Curriculum, which helps students in all areas of development.
There are a wide array of daily activities offered to our students as well as After School Activities.
Daily Life
At Seeh Phinong students follow a daily routine. By following regular routines, children develop confidence in themselves. Children know what is expected of them by the teachers.

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