Bambi Football Class October 3rd

We are pleased to announce that from this coming Monday, October 3rd, Bambi will open their Football class to 3 to 6 year olds. This is their information. All bookings must be made through Bambi directly. The school office will not handle any bookings.

The 1st Monday of each month. If you are interested in special sporting activities for older kids this is an amazing opportunity to join us for our special Bambi FOOTBALL classes organized by CUKI TOTS soccer school. This playgroup is a specially designed session by soccer teachers with different sports activities for kids from 3-6 years old. SP International Kindergarten has a wonderful soccer field and outside playground. Your older kids can have a class with a professional coach and your younger kids can play on the nice, comfortable playground. You need to register to participate in BAMBI Football Class. Please contact for registration. Contribution is 150 baht for Bambi members, 350 baht for non Bambi members

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