Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten (SP) aims at developing children holistically through an appropriate creative learning program surrounded by an exciting, fun, and nurturing environment.  SP the American Creative Curriculum which is designed to lay a solid foundation for each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Here at SP we encourage the students to be independent and responsible. The curriculum allows for the students to develop at their own pace. It is our aim to prepare the students for elementary school through hands on learning in a supportive and nurturing environment. SP's campus is comprised of  two sections. International section and Japanese section. Both sections run on different term schedules and celebrate various holidays on their own schedules. We do however participate in some educational events together. Currently SP educates over 100 students in  the International Section alone, and we are still growing each year! We house over 250  students altogether. SP International Kindergarten is located in the residential area of Thong Lor in Bangkok. We have 2 fully covered playgrounds and a huge pool for our students to learn how to swim and water safety as well. SP was licensed by the Ministry of Education in 1997, is a member of the International Schools Association in Thailand (ISAT), and is certified by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assurance ONESQA (June 2012).    

Art Board

Our board is filling up! Please send us your child’s art work or stories for us to display!

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We will have our first picnic of the school year this Wednesday! Remember to pack a nutritious lunch for your child. You can send a toy as well if you want. We are looking forward to seeing the Kangaroo and Giraffe parents! The picnic will be from 12pm in the hexagon room.

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September Menu

We have lots of good food days this month. Our new menu item this month is: Chicken with sauteed mushrooms. We are sure it’ll be a hit! We will also get to try some yummy British food on September 27th to further enjoy our cultural day on the UK. september-student-lunch-menu

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We would like to welcome everyone back to the school year! We are all excited to get into our new classrooms with our new teachers and our new friends. We have an exciting school year ahead of us! I hope you are all as excited as we are!

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Paper Ranger

We really enjoyed our visit from P’Poonyos today! Thank you to everyone who contributed to Paper Ranger! Lets keep up the great work!

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After School Activities

If you have enrolled your child in an After School Activity please click on the After School Activities menu and then on the activity you enrolled your child in. The lists will be posted until March 8th only.

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France Day

Many thanks to the team at Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit (Soi 33) for providing S.P. International a crepe station for France Day! The staff and students thoroughly enjoyed your delicious dessert!

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For the last field trip of the year, the Giraffe class went to Snowtown in Ekkamai. It was really cold, but the students had a fun time sledding and playing in the snow. We will miss the Giraffes next term, but wish them luck at Primary school.

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Musical mornings!

Seeh Phinong believes that music is a great tool for learning! And what better than to make your own musical instrument? The Rabbits and Bunnies were making music this morning using shakers that they made out of cups and stones. They had a fun time shaking to the beat.  They also used clappers!

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Computer class

Here at SP, we believe that it is important for our students to learn how to properly use technology. Here are some photos of the Kangaroo classes in the computer lab. They can turn on the computer, navigate different websites, and even properly shut down the computer.

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